About the Instructors:
Rory Franzen

Rory C Franzen has a collective 20 years of scripted and improvised theater experience. He began his improv comedy career in the short form, leading to his participation in international short form tournaments. Rory studied long form improvisation at the Laughtrack Theater Company in Honolulu where he eventually became an instructor and coach. Rory has coached 3 teams into Hawaii's Improvaganza Festival spotlight including Think Fast in 2013.




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About the Program

"Everybody can do improv and you should too!" -Think Fast Improv motto.

Improv is for everybody, and so are our classes! If you want to work on your speaking skills, or perform in front of a live audience, impress your friends, or make some new ones, Think Fast Improv has a class for you!
Our Weekly Drop in Class is great for anybody who wants to improve their communication skills and anybody that is new to improvisation. Classes have a monthly skill focus and feature the 'Game of the Week' to reinforce a skill while having fun. These classes are designed to let you participate in classes even if you have a busy schedule and have to miss a night or two.

The Intensive Sessions are designed around needs of our students who want form a team and perform. These sessions deliver the tools needed to succeed in front of an audience. The  Instructors create a lesson plan based on needs instead of a standardized lesson plan.


Success is the goal. A job well done rarely needs to be redone.

The Art of Improv

with Think Fast

About the Instructors:

Larissa DLG Franzen

Larissa DLG Franzen is one of the most recognized improvisers in Hawaii. She was a founding member of IYFI and a member of house teams at Laughtrack Theater Company and The Greenhouse. Larissa has taken over 20 workshops from various visiting professionals including Chicago Improv Festival Executive Producer Jonathan Pitts and improv guru Jeff Griggs. She has appeared as a performer at Hawaii's Improvaganza Festival with 4 different teams in 4 years, and coached 3 teams into the festival's spotlight.



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About the Instructors:

Aaron Pughes

Mr. Aaron (Pughes) has been improvising since in Hawaii since 2008.  He founded Mr. Aaron Presents and Think Fast Improv in 2011. Aaron is also the creator of Hawaii’s longest running comedy open mic night, Comedy Hospital.  He has performed at the Oahu Fringe Festival in 2015 and made two appearances at Improvaganza.  Aaron studied improv at Laughtrack Theater, Second City's Jeff Griggs and Chicago Improv Festival Producer Jonathan Pitts. 



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