The Bisquick BBQs

The Bisquick BBQ originally started in Las Vegas in the 90's out in the desert, it didn't last long. Hawaii is a prime location to cook up some pancakes at the beach. The original idea was to give performers from both stand up comedy and improv comedy a place to meet and hang out that had nothing to do with shows. As the company and classes grew the BBQ started inviting everybody to come and hang out with comedians when they're not performing. Through this we've seen more students and performers and the community continue to grow.

The Rhode Island Interscholastic Improv League
The Rhode Island Interscholastic Improv League is an organization made up of artists and participating Rhode Island high schools that collaborate to create improvised theater. Students from participating schools perform together generously using the creativity of arts-rich lateral thinking and incorporating all the intensity of a high-level sports event. Our participating schools and students receive a new approach to meeting the Common Core standards for English/Language Arts through learning the art of creating improvised theater.

Think Fast found the Rhode Island Interscholastic Improv League on Kickstarter. After reading about the program and talking with the founders of the league, we became the 2014 title sponsor.

Theater Sponsorship and Assistance  

Mr. Aaron has helped multiple performance arts spaces, theaters, and improv groups to fulfill their dreams but supporting them whenever possible. From donating money to build a theater (and Aaron paying to have his name on a snack bar) to donating money towards fellow teams who have fallen on hard times and need some funds to keep afloat. We have currently provided over $1000 in assistance to theaters and local improv groups.

Community Projects

From time to time we find schools, groups, projects, or forests that need some help. Working with the principals, education directors, founders and stewards we arrange time to come and help out with our performers, friends, and fans!


Our first big project of 2015 was painting Lanakila Elementary School, with a handful of volunteers we were able to paint 3 buildings!

Supporting research, education,
                                     and community growth

Community Brew HAHA Events

From 2015-2019 the last Saturday shows (well most of them) were Brew HaHa events where players and students from all over came together to form Community Teams with Think Fast Captains. The teams come up with a form to do and perform together for the first and last time at the show.

Video by Larissa Franzen

Community Theater   

Think Fast Improv performers have joined the casts of some for the best community theaters on Oahu as both cast and crew. Our members have performed in Avenue Q, The Ultimate Christmas Show (Abridged) and 5 were cast in Tony and Tina's Wedding 

St Baldrick's Foundation

Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. St Baldrick's is a charity that raises money for research into ending Childhood Cancer. Mr. Aaron got involved with St Baldrick's in 2013, his teams have raised over $37,500 since 2013. Starting in 2014 he became a Event Volunteer Coordinator, helping to plan the annual event and coordinate the event entertainment. In 2015 Mr. Aaron was inducted as a Squire into the Knights of the Bald Table. In 2019 Mr. Aaron was promoted to Knight of the Bald Table. 


To meet our goals to create a positive, open, and friendly environment and assist community programs and non-profit foundations. Our company is always looking for new opportunities to help. From Charity events to Sponsorships we strive to make our mark and create good memories of our name. Since 2011 Think Fast Improv has raised and donated over $41,000 to charities and performance art companies to make the world a little brighter.

Community Involvement