About the Instructors:
Rory Franzen

Rory C Franzen has a collective 20 years of scripted and improvised theater experience. He began his improv comedy career in the short form, leading to his participation in international short form tournaments. Rory studied long form improvisation at the Laughtrack Theater Company in Honolulu where he eventually became an instructor and coach. Rory has coached 3 teams into Hawaii's Improvaganza Festival spotlight including Think Fast in 2013.




Rory's Blog on ThinkFastImprov.com

Tuesday Drop In Classes:

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Electron at Hawaiian Brian's

1680 Kapiolani Blvd 

Classes are $10 session / $35 month

About the Instructors: 

Aaron Pughes 

Aaron has hosted over 1000 events and is the creator of Hawaii's Premiere Comedy Team - Think Fast Improv, Hawaii's longest running comedy open mic - Comedy Hospital, Honolulu's first weekly feature comedy show - Comedy Night at the Showroom and has hosted fundraisers for American Red Cross, Comedy Warriors, St Baldrick's, Childs Play Charity, Project Hawaii, and more. He has performed at the Oahu Fringe Festival in 2015 and made two appearances at Improvaganza.  Aaron studied improv at Laughtrack Theater and Second City's Jeff Griggs and Jonathan Pitts.

History of the Program:


In early 2012 the Improv Skills Class was developed by Rory Franzen and Larissa DLG Franzen. Using coaching methods employed with Think Fast, Larissa and Rory created a training program that included all skill levels. It was the first Drop In Improv training program in Hawaii. Classes have moved from Palama Settlement to Loading Zone Arts Center to The COOP and now Art Loft in Kakaako as the classes grew.


Students coming up through the class have joined the Art of Improv Program and Think Fast Improv teams.

  Drop-in Classes