Sketch Comedy:

Sketch comedy in Hawaii laid dormant for 30 years, recently the community for sketch comedy has started to grow. The first regularly performing sketch comedy team, Regards! was founded in 2013. 

Regards! Is the brainchild of David K. Jones, coach of the improv comedy team Think Fast and is an instructor of the Art of Improv Training Program.Regards! is Rory Franzen, Aaron Pughes, Joseph Lewis, James Sigmon, John Cambereri David K Jones, and Larissa DLG Franzen.

Sketch Comedy

Half the Battle: Sketch Comedy Talk Show


"Half the Battle" is a parody of late night talk shows hosted by childhood's most cherished villain, Cobra Commander (Joseph Lewis).

"Half the Battle" featured Lewis hosting the show as Cobra Commander and performing in various sketches written by Honolulu-based Regards! (David K Jones, Joseph Lewis, and Larissa Nielsen). The cast also features: David Bachler from Diamond Head Theatre's production of "Caberet"; Aaron Pughes of Mr Aaron Presents, Think Fast Improv members John Cummings III, Rory Franzen, James Sigmon, and Cobra Commander's favorite house band Sweet Corn & Peanut.

Special Musical Guests:

Shawn Mokuahi Garnett, Flippa from Hawaii 5-0

Na Hoku Hanohano Alternative Album Winner - Amanda Frazier Band