What parents are saying about the Summer Youth Program,

- "She has done some amazing things since improv. You guys make a huge difference to kids"

                                                                                                                                   -Jackie P                       

- "Encouraging children to call upon the tools of courage, providing them with tools of public speaking and quick thinking, and creating an environment of laughter."

                                                                                                                                                         -Neenze F     


Feature story in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser‚Äč

The Summer Youth Program:


The Summer Youth Program is an 8-week annual training program designed for ages 8-15 years old meeting once a week to train and socialize with their teammates and develop as unique and creative people using the performing Art of Unscripted Theater. Through improvising students learn essential social, acting, and performance skills together with their fellow teammates. Open and honest communication, developing trust in others, supporting teammates, listening, focusing, and positive agreement are key skills that are trained are essential to all aspects of life as well as performance. These skills are taught while having fun, through playing games and exercises that have been built using the key skills as a foundation and have been used to train famous actors and performers for over 50 years.

Summer Youth

History of the Program:

The Youth and Teen Improv Program was developed by Larissa Neilson and Kim Potter. After Laughtrack Theater went dark in 2011, Larissa expanded the original program to include more sessions and training for students. Looking for a home for the new program she presented the idea to Aaron Pughes. After reworking the focus of the program and making changes to expand the age range, Larissa brought the program back to Aaron. The next month the Summer Youth Program was launched. Since it's launch the program has been featured on air, radio and print multiple times.

About the Instructor:

Larissa DLG Franzen

Larissa DLG Franzen is one of the most recognized improvisers in Hawaii. This will be Larissa's 5th year teaching a Youth Improv program. In 2013 the program was a featured story in the Star Advertiser. Larissa and her students have been interviewed on Hawaii Public Radio's The Conversation with Chris Vandercook.





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